Inspirações de vitrines para sapato/bolsas

abaixo algumas inspirações para vitrines de sapatos, bolsas e acessórios

Less is more with window displays

cute, but I don't know whose windows it is...


definitely does not apply to cottonwood... put just too funny for a handbag display! haha!

Plv de ASICS , es llamativo ya que juega con muchos tipos de colores y hace destacar a su producto de los otro .IVAN / ASICS® Sneakers Make a Splash in Color

We sell new and used mannequin legs at Mannequin

Very simple display for a variety of items.  Imagine this in red for Valentine's Day or in Orange for autumn.  Acqua di Parma - 2010 Christmas Windows (Milan - Italy) (124), via Flickr.

Visual merchandising.

Fenwicks window display ~


saks shoe window - we sell these legs at

I love the vintage bird cages being used to display merchandise! Looks very pretty, with just a touch of antiquity!

Hermes #escaparatismo #retail #visual merchandising - specialist retail & fashion recruiters

Mail-Order-Brides Revisited - a grea way to display shoes with humor.    We have mannequin legs for sale at Mannequin Madness

Vitrines Louis Vuitton - Genève, janvier 2010 Click to find thousands of in-store marketing and visual merchandising pins

Vitrines Louis Vuitton - Paris, décembre 2011   #in-store marketing #visual merchandising

Vitrines Louis Vuitton  Champs-Elysées - Paris, janvier 2011   #in-store marketing #visual merchandising



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